Beijing Great Wall Facts


Beijing Great Wall Facts

Great Wall of China is over 6000KMS long. Great Wall in Beijing goes thought Pinggu district, Miyun district, Huairou District, Changping District, and Mentougou district from northeast to Northwest of Beijing. The total length is 629kms. There is about 67kms long which is not badly destroyed most of the watchtowers are still exist.  About 211kms wall is half destroyed, most of the watchtowers are not exist, but you still can see the base of the wall. 295kms of the wall is badly destroyed, you can barely see some rucks. It looks like a half ring to embrace Beijing.

1. Great Wall in Pinggu District 

Pinggu District is located in the northeast of Beijing. It is bound by Tianjin from the southeast and bound by Miyun district from the north-west.Great Wall in Pinggu is about 60kms long, 52 watchtowers are still exit. The most famous sections are Jiangjunguan(将军关means general pass) and Huangsongyuguan(黄松峪关).

Jiangjunguan Great Wall 【将军关长城】

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Jiangjun Great Wall is located 110kms northeast of downtown Beijing. 40kms away from Pinggu town. The base of the wall is built by the rocks from Bei Qi (550AD—577AD) Great Wall. It is also called Jiangjunshiguan(将军石关) by local people. It is start built from 1404 and rebuilt in 1569 by General Qi Jiguang who was lead the north defense for Ming dynasty.

The east side of the Great Wall is still existing but most of them are ruins. The wall close to the pass was built very stable and the watchtower is still exit. To the west, as the mountain is so steep, so there was no wall built here. There is only a 50 meters wall of 2 mountains which is called Dabaqiang. (大坝墙). There is a gold mineral which is closed by the government, but you still can find locals go there to find gold.

Huangsongyu Great Wall 【黄松峪长城】

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Huangsongyu Great Wall is a famous Ming Great Wall with super important military function. It is 100kms away from downtown Beijing. Unfortunately, it was destroyed when we built the Huangsongyu reservoir in 1970th. The most famous thing here is to discover the big rock from the Wall which is similar to American Indian history. How people bring such rock to build the wall without the modern facility. As the wall built on the top of the mountain which surround the reservoir make it a great place to visit in the hot summer.

2. Great Wall in Miyun district

The Great Wall in Miyun is 207kms. More than 586 watchtowers are still existing which include 195 preserved well. The famous sections are Simatai, Jinshanling, Gubeikou.

Simatai Great Wall 【司马台长城】

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The most dangerous Great Wall! It is 150kms away from downtown Beijing. It built on the top of Mountain Yan line like a dragon. 5.4kms long, with 35 watch towers left. Simatai Great Wall is separated by a valley into eastern and western parts. The western part is gently sloped with 10 well-preserved watchtowers dotting along the wall and connected to Jinshanling, but not open for public.  The eastern part is much steeper, following more rugged terrain that includes cliff edges and kilometer-high peaks. Unfortunately, after the rebuilt by the Chinese government, there is on 10 towers open for public on the east side and the most dangerous part is not open so far.

There are 3 unique features of Simatai Great Wall:

#1 Exquisite architecture. You can find brick caving, Stone carving, text brick in 1 section which is unusual for the Great Wall.

#2 Barrier wall compare with the big outside wall, it is much flexible. It protects the soldiers from all directions.

#3 Longest sky stairs to the top. There are lot long stairs along the wall which is also called sky stairs. But Simatai east has the longest. Some steps over 1 meters deep. What big solders we have back to Ming dynasty!

Jinshanling Great Wall 【金山岭长城】

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Jinshanling Great Wall is 145kms from downtown Beijing. East part of Jinshanling Great Wall is connected to Simatai Great Wall. The Jinshanling section of the Great Wall is 10.5 km long with 5 passes, 67 towers, and 3 beacon towers. The density of the watchtowers is the highest which is 1 tower for 150 meters. This proves the important role to defense the enemies.Jinshanling is famous for the different kinds of watchtowers. The towers have 1 to 5 windows on each side. It also has 1 floor, 2 floors, and 3 floors. From east gate to the main entrance is about 7kms which is the best tour route. Some people also name it to hike from Simatai West to Jinshanling.

Gubeikou Great Wall 【古北口长城】

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Gubeikou is 130kms away from downtown Beijing. There were so many wars happened here in Chinese history. The mountain here is not very tall which makes it easy to be attacked. Because of this Gubeikou Great wall was built much taller. There is a river go through the Gubeikou town, to the east is called Panlongshan 【盘龙山】and to the west is called Wohushan 【卧虎山】. Wohushan is very steep which is hard to go, it will take you about 2.5 hours to get to the top.Panlongshan is not very high, it is about 500 meters hike to the top.Walk from Panlongshan to Jinshanling is a very classic hike line which is about 13kms 4 hours to finish.

3. Great Wall in Huairou district

Huairou is about 45kms from downtown Beijing.The Great Wall go through the middle of this district. Huairou has 63kms Great Wall, 241 towers. The most famous parts of the wall are Mutianyu, Jiankou, Huanghaucheng, Xishuiyu.

Mutianyu Great Wall 【慕田峪长城】

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Mutianyu is 75kms away from downtown Beijing. This section of the wall is rebuilt and with a lot of visitors every year.Mutianyu was built by a Ming general Xuda. To the east is Lianhuachi Great wall which is not rebuilt. To the west is the famous Jiankou Great Wall.

#1 Good tourist facilities

This section of the wall was rebuilt in 1984, with shuttle bus, cable car, and handrail on the steep part of the wall which is very useful for senior and Children. Especially the toboggan down from the Great Wall is very interesting.

#2 Beautiful view

The whole section of the wall has 23 watchtowers rebuilt. Besides, this section of Great Wall is surrounded by woodland and streams. The forest-coverage rate is over 90 percent.

# 3 Close to Beijing and easy to go

It is about 1.5 hours’ drive from downtown Beijing. If you don’t want to spend too much time on the way, this is the easiest part to go. If you want to go by public bus, please read this:

How to go to Mutianyu Great Wall by bus?

Jiankou 【箭扣长城】

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This is the most famous wild Great Wall. Jiankou Great wall is 100Kms away from downtown Beijing. The most dangerous parts are eagle flying face upward(鹰飞倒仰) and heaven stairs.

Zhengbeilou (正北楼)is the start from the east side and finish at Beijing knot (北京结) it is about 7kms long. It is built on the top of the mountain which surrounds the Xizhazi village.For its beautiful view, Jiankou has attracted so many adventure tourists come to visit. It was very dangerous to hike this part because a lot of bricks and rocks are not stable. A lot of people had trouble before. In 2015, Chinese government spends 1 year to stabilized the bricks and rocks for this part. It is still dangerous but much easier than before.

For more information about this section of the wall, please check this:

Xizhazi village and Jiankou Great Wall

Huanghuacheng Great Wall【黄花城长城】

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Huanghuacheng Great Wall is 75kms away from downtown Beijing. This section of the wall is very close to Ming Tombs. The emperor tombs were very important for a country in the old China. To protect this part from the enemies was especially important. This part of the wall was built in 1453. The original pass was destroyed when Chinese government built the Huanghuacheng reservoir in 1970th. So, the reservoir divides the Great wall today. To the east, you need to cross the reservoir dam and then hike to the Wall. After 4kms walk to get to another dangerous section of the wall 18Deng. 18Deng is a wild section which is not preserved very well. It is also called 1 of 3 dangerous section of the wall. (3 dangerous sections: Simatai east, Jiankou eagle flying face upward, 18 Deng). To the west, after 3kms hike to get to zhuangdaokou Great Wall and Xishuiyu village.

4. Great Wall in Yanqing District

Yanqing is in the north part of Beijing. 90% of this district is coved by mountains. In the old days, the best way lead to Beijing from Mongolian is Guangou valley(关沟) which is a 20kms long valley between Yanqing and Beijing. So, built Great Wall in the valley was very important, in this valley, there are Badaling Great Wall. And Badaling ancient Great Wall.

Badaling Great Wall【八达岭长城】

Badaling - Beijing Great Wall Facts

Badaling is 78kms away from downtown Beijing. It is built in 1505.This pass is like an upside-down Chinese word eight (八倒), so people called Badaling.

This is the most touristy Great Wall with over 8 million tourists every year.

Why so many people visit here?

# 1 All Chinese people learn this section of the wall from books when we were in primary school.

# 2 The Great Leader Chairman Mao have visited here before. And said: if you haven’t visited the wall, you are not a hero.

# 3 Easy to go. There are direct bus and train to Badaling from city Beijing.

Some important tips on how to visit Badaling.

5.Great Wall in Changping District

Changping is 34kms away from downtown Beijing. It was the last gate to leading to Beijing. There is not many Great Wall, but an important section——Juyongguan Great Wall.

Juyongguan Great Wall【居庸关长城】

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Juyongguan is a renovated section with good tour facilities. It is 50kms away from downtown Beijing. The present pass route was built in the Ming Dynasty and received many renovations later. It was a very important strategic place connecting the inner land and the area near the northern border of China.

For this section, it is an easy place for people who are not fit and don’t like steps. You can get to the place 50meters away from the wall and enjoy the view by a walk around the main tower. For people like hike, walk around the whole city wall need about 2.5hours, 4000+steps.

6. Great Wall in Mentougou District

Mentougou District is in the west part of Beijing which is 35kms away from downtown Beijing. This district full of mountains (98%). The highest mountain is East Lingshan which is 2303 meters high. It is a great place to visit in hot summer.

Huangcaoling Great Wall【黄草梁长城】

Huangcaoliang 1 - Beijing Great Wall Facts

This is the most beautiful wild Great Wall in Mentougou. It is 110kms away from Beijing. Huangcaoliang is a grassland on the high mountain which is 1700meters high. There are 7 watchtowers still exist. 6 of the towers are built by bricks and 1 was built totally by the rock. There are some wood windows in the towers built in the Ming dynasty still exit.

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