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How to get to Jinshanling Great Wall?

Jinshanling Great Wall (金山岭)

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Why choose Jinshanling Great Wall to visit?

The main reasons:

#1 Super beautiful view

#2 The hike is flexible for any fitness

#3 150kms away from downtown Beijing make it crowd-free.

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Rental a car or take a tour is the easiest way. If you want to save some dollars and get a bus experience, you need read this. This is the best way to take the public bus to Jinshanling and the only way to make it in 1 day by public bus.

Take the Beijing to Luanping City bus to visit Jinshanling.

The bus starts from Wangjing west station (望京西站) to Jinshanling Great Wall (金山岭长城)without stop. (Jinshanling is about 150kms away from Beijing, the bus take about 2 hours to get there). Especially Jinshanling Great Wall closed 4 months for renovation in 2017. After it reopens on 4th October 2017, I found there are a lot of changes. I went to Jinshanling Great Wall by taking Beijing to Luanping bus in 28th November 2017.

Why was Jinshanling Great Wall closed?

This section of the wall was ranked to a 5 stars attraction by Chinese Tourism Administration. It is closed about 4 months (1/6/2017-10/17/2017) to upgrade the facilities.

#1 Being to Luanping (滦平) Bus facts.

1. Bus schedule time (Daily):

Wangjing west (望京西) to Luanping bus station(滦平) (7:00-16:30)

Schedule time: 7:00、8:00、9:00、10:00、11:00、12:00、13:00、14:00、15:00、16:00、16:30

Luanping (滦平) to Wangjing west (望京西)(6:30-16:00)

Schedule time: 6:30、7:00、7:30、8:00、8:30、9:00、9:30、10:30、11:00、12:00、13:00、14:00、15:00、16:00

There is only 1 station stop which is the Jinshanling highway service station(金山岭服务区). From Wangjing west to the service station is about 2 hours. From Luanping station to Jinshanling highway service station is about 30 minutes. According to this, the bus time from Jinshanling expressway service station back to Beijing is about like this: 7:00、7:30、8:00、8:30、9:00、9:30、10:00、11:00、11:30、12:30、13:30、14:30、15:30、16:30

2.  Tickets Price

The bus fee is 32RMB per person. kids under 1.2 meters are free.If you don’t use Yikatong (Beijing metro card), you just pay the conductor by cash.

I was very confused when I used the Metro card to take the bus. Why?

This bus is cooperative by Beijing and Hebei Province.The total price is 32RMB.Beijing section charge 19RMB, Hebei Province charge 13. Only Beijing section can use Metro card, so when you buy the tickets, 13 RMB cash is necessary. And then use the metro card pay 9.5 CNY on the bus POS machine. Because with the metro card, you can enjoy half price in Beijing section.

#2 How to find the bus station?

Actually, it is very easy to find the station after you walk out from Wangjing west subway station(望京西站). I took subway line 13 and get out from exit B. Walk down the bridge, about 100 meters walk to get to the bus station. We want to start a bit early, so we get to the subway station 7:45 am in the morning for the bus at 8 am. Beijing subway starts 5:30 am. So it is also possible to catch the first bus at 7 am.

#3 Get Jinshanling Great Wal

1.Take the public bus

The bus has no bus station stop till get to Jinshanling highway service station. But it will have 10 minutes toilet stop about 1 hour later at Muyun highway service zone.

2. Take the free shuttle bus

Jinshanling highway service station (金山岭高速服务区) is only 1.5kms away from East  Gate of Jinshanling Great Wall.  At the right hand, you can see the Jinshanling Great wall information center. Take the free shuttle bus to the entrance of the Wall. The free shuttle bus mainly serves the people who take the public bus from Beijing. As long as there is people want to go to the wall, the free bus will start to run. You can choose either stop at East gate or main gate. It depends on how you would like to visit the wall.

If you want to start from the main gate, when the free bus drops off you, you need to change the 2nd free shuttle bus to get to the main gate (3 minutes drive). It is a bit complicated from here, but when you are there, it is very clear and easy.

We want to hike from the Main gate to east gate (7kms), so we decide to the main gate first.

#4 Hike from the main gate to east gate

Busy season(Apr to Oct) Low season(Dec to Mar)
Open time 6:30 – 18:30 8:30 – 16:30
Ticket price 65 RMB 55 RMB

If you don’t like hike too much, there is cable car you can choose. The price for the cable car is 40 RMB (1 way). Round way is 80RMB.

IMG 8236 1024x625 - How to get to Jinshanling Great Wall?


Our hike route is Main gate-Zhuanduo pass – Houchuankou – east 5 window tower – east gate. 7kms hike, 3.5 hours. The view is absolutely amazing!

Of course, you can customize the route based on your own.

#5 Get back from Jinshanling Great Wall to Beijing

When we came out from the East Gate, the free shuttle bus was just right there. We quickly jump on the bus and the driver takes us to the Jinshanling highway service station immediately. Unfortunately, we missed the bus at 2:30 pm about 10 minutes late. So we had to wait for the next one which comes at 3:30 pm.

Tip: It is better to go inside the small supermarket to inform the bus conductor that we will take the bus back to Beijing. Because she will call the start station (Luanping) and reserve seats for you.

We get back to Wangjing west station at 5:30 pm. 2.5 hours by bus, it was a bit traffic jam that day.

I will keep updating the latest information to help all the travelers. Please let me know any of your suggestions or questions.I would more than happy to assist your Great Wall trip!


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